Examples of works

I have a lot of experience, the tracks I've been working on as a ghost producer
or just did mixing/mastering have been signed to labels like Armada, Revealed, Black Hole.
Since I work privately I can share with you examples of my own tracks.

Eximinds – Voice of Angels

First State & Eximinds – Chimera (Extended Mix)

Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge – Vesper (feat. Nash) (Eximinds Remix)

Armin Van Buuren & Alexander Popov – Popcorn (Eximinds Remix)

Bobak with Eximinds – One More Day (House Mix Extended)

Eximinds, Norni – Buddha

Eximinds, Vigel – Handprint

Natalie Gioia & Eximinds - Be Free

As for the mastering:

1. You send me a track for mastering in 44100 / 16 bit and I make it and save the project, you can ask me to make some changes (reduce or increase the vol. etc) and can fix it.

2. After you approved mastering you can ask me to replace the file 2 times for free (In case you decide to make some changes in the track)

3. If you have two files — Extended Mix and Radio Edit, there’s no problem I will do mastering for the both files for the same terms and prices

As for the mixing:

1. You send me WAV stems in 44100 / 16 bit

2. I do mixing and mastering and we discuss all details, you can ask me to fix something until you are completely satisfied with the result.

3. After you approved the track you can ask me to replace one or stems (just replace) 2 times for free (In case the label ask you to make some changes)




Mixing & Mastering up to 30 stems


Mixing & Mastering from 30 to 50 stems


Mixing podcasts / radio shows

$50 per hour

Mixing & Mastering from 50 stems

discussed individually


To order, please email me

@ Eximinds.com 2020